Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the questions in your mind related to securing an anonymous bitcoin wallet are answered here, but if you have any different problems, ask our expert using the support panel.

What is the difference between Hidely Tor bitcoin web wallets and other bitcoin wallets?

Each bitcoin wallet has some advantages and limitations, like hardware bitcoin wallet will provide you best security. Still, regulations are you need to carry it in your pocket, there is no guarantee about hardware failure, and you need to use protection on someone's computer. A software Bitcoin wallet will provide you with good security. Still, limitations are that you need to secure your computer yourself and keep your bitcoin private key backup in a safe place. It would help secure your bitcoins from hackers, and hardware failure is a big problem. Hidely Tor Bitcoin web wallet will provide you best security without your knowledge. A beginner user can efficiently operate a bitcoin web wallet without technical knowledge. You can access your bitcoins from anywhere by using your user credentials via the internet on the bitcoin web wallet website. Hidely is a bitcoin web wallet that provides you with the most complex security. We use a combination of security techniques like Tor, VPN, Dedicated Firewall, Cloud Servers, Distributed File & Database, Cold Storage, Antivirus, SSL, Multisignature, 24/7 monitoring, and more to make it unique from other bitcoin web wallets. Hidely is the best online and most secure bitcoin wallet system that follows privacy and respects privacy.

What is two-way authentication & how to enable it for my Hidely bitcoin web wallet?

Two-way authentication is a security method designed to provide you with an extra layer of security. This method makes your wallet the best online bitcoin wallet, and you can enable it using your user dashboard. If you have enabled it in your Hidely bitcoin web wallet, you will need email authentication for each withdrawal/send.

What is a bitcoin web wallet?

A bitcoin web wallet is a complex centralized system where users can store, send and receive bitcoins. Using a bitcoin web wallet, you can access your bitcoins from anywhere via the internet. A secure web bitcoin wallet uses many security techniques like Tor, VPN, Dedicated Firewall, Cloud Servers, Distributed File & Database, Cold Storage, Antivirus, SSL, Multisignature, and more to provide you most secure bitcoin wallet system.

Can I store my bitcoins in a Hidely bitcoin web wallet for a long time?

Yes. You can store any amount of bitcoins for any amount of time in your hidely anonymous bitcoin web wallet account to use your bitcoins in the future.

What can I do about a bug?

We love to fix bugs to make it the best online anonymous bitcoin wallet. Just inform us via the support tab, and maybe it will give you a great reward.

How To Contact With Support Team?

Our support team is working 24/7 to provide you with solutions to make the Hidely Tor bitcoin web wallet the best. Click on the support tab and write us if you need any support. We will surely solve your problems.

What about the bitcoin transaction/withdrawal fee?

 Bitcoin transaction/withdrawal fees depend on your transaction size and how many other transactions are waiting to get confirmed. Hidely anonymous bitcoin web wallet does not charge anything to transfer bitcoins; however, you can change the transaction fee from the bitcoin transaction menu.

Can I access my Hidely bitcoin wallet anywhere?

Yes. You can access your Hidely Tor bitcoin wallet anywhere in the world with the internet. You can send/receive your bitcoins from anywhere.

Can I access my Hidely bitcoin wallet over Tor?

Yes. By default, our network uses Tor to transfer your bitcoins from one bitcoin address to another. If you are an advanced user and want more security, use Tor or VPN to access your Hidely anonymous bitcoin web wallet.

Why do I use a Hidely bitcoin wallet?

Hidely, bitcoin wallets are designed to provide you Swiss army-like security with Tor. It will maintain your privacy and protection from hackers and government agencies. We do not share any user information with any government or private agencies. A Hidely Tor bitcoin wallet is the best choice if you want strong security and privacy. We are committed to providing you with the best bitcoin digital wallet.

What can I do to secure my Hidely bitcoin wallet?

To secure your anonymous bitcoin wallet, you must use a strong password, enable two-factor authentication, and not share your secret PIN with anyone. It will make your bitcoin wallet the safest and most secure bitcoin wallet.

What About Hidely Bitcoin Wallet Security?

Security is our top priority, and We use the latest hardware, software, and dedicated team to secure your bitcoins. Our withdrawal requires five signatures, one belongs to Hidely Tor Bitcoin Wallet, and four is yours. We do not have access to your bitcoins, our system works in different locations with hourly backup servers, and we use strong encryption.

Is the Hidely web bitcoin wallet provide me a permanent bitcoin address?

Yes. Each bitcoin address created by you on a Hidely web wallet will never expire, and you can use it for a lifetime. But we recommend using a new bitcoin address on every bitcoin transaction to maintain your privacy and security.

How to change the network fee?

The network fee depends on the size of your transaction in bytes and how many other transactions are waiting to get confirmed. But you can change the network fee when transacting in our Hidely anonymous bitcoin wallet.

Why do I have to pay the network fee?

We have no control over all your address and bitcoin managed by you on the Hidely Tor bitcoin web wallet. For each transaction done on a blockchain network, their miners need the incentive to confirm your transaction. 

How to check my transaction history?

You can log in to your Hidely anonymous bitcoin wallet account and click on my transaction history tab to check all your bitcoin transactions.

I forgot my secret PIN; how can I reset it?

Hidely Tor bitcoin wallet support team cannot retrieve your secret PIN. You cannot reset your secret PIN without your previous secret PIN. So remember it in your mind or hardly write it in a safe place.

How to reset my Hidely bitcoin wallet password?

You can use forgot password option and follow email instructions.

What is a multi-signatures bitcoin wallet?

A multi-signature bitcoin wallet uses two or more keys for a bitcoin transaction. Hidely is a multi-signatures bitcoin wallet. We are using two keys to sign a bitcoin transaction. The user holds one key to sign off every bitcoin transaction. Another key is held by hidely to provide you an extra layer of security through two-factor authentication to make Hidely the safest and most secure bitcoin wallet. wallet.

How complex a password can I use?

 Security is essential for us, and we advise you to use a minimum of ten-character passwords to create a secure bitcoin wallet.

How to buy/Sell bitcoins using real money?

You can buy/Sell bitcoins from your local country exchanges or global exchanges like Coinbase, Gemini, Kraken, etc.

Is Hidely bitcoin wallet free?

Hidely anonymous bitcoin wallets are free to use; bitcoin transaction fees will apply. The Hidely bitcoin web wallet is a wholly free bitcoin wallet solution.

What is the Tor bitcoin wallet?

Tor is a service that hides your IP and Location from others, and a bitcoin wallet uses Tor services called Tor bitcoin wallet. Hidely is a Tor bitcoin wallet to provide you with complete anonymity and this is the best and most secure bitcoin wallet.

What Is Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet?

A bitcoin wallet that never collects user IP and Location and never shares user information with any private or government organization is called Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet. Hidely is an Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet.

What is a Hidely bitcoin wallet?

Hidely Tor bitcoin wallet is a simple-to-use, secure Tor anonymous bitcoin wallet. We use the latest security technique to secure bitcoin wallets like Tor, SSL, Hardware Firewall, Antivirus, offshore servers, VPN, Cold Wallet, and many more. Our Team 24/7 monitors suspected activities.

My Dashboard Balance and transaction history are not updated; what can I do?

Ans. Due to the Tor network problem, it will happen sometimes, so don’t worry—log out and again login into your Hidely Bitcoin Wallet account to update the user dashboard and transaction history.

How much time does it take to receive the balance?

Ans. It depends on the Bitcoin network and fee, and mostly it will be taken 10 minutes to 30 minutes. You can wait or use the refresh button in the user dashboard.

My first transaction is a success, but showing an error in the second transaction. What can I do?

Ans. Due to extreme security, sometimes our users face this problem, and it will solve automatically once your previous transaction has been cleared on the Bitcoin network.

Which is The best Bitcoin wallet for the dark web?

Ans. Hidely Bitcoin wallet is the best for the dark web due to its anonymity and tor support.

How to create an anonymous Bitcoin account on Hidely?

Ans. To create an anonymous Bitcoin account, you can visit Hidely anonymous Bitcoin register page and fill in the required details to create an anonymous Bitcoin account on Hidely.

Which is the favorite Bitcoin wallet that is fully free and anonymous?

Ans. Hidely Bitcoin Wallet is Fully anonymous and free to use; peoples who love privacy and security love Hidely bitcoin wallet.

Which is the Best Bitcoin Wallet For Anonymity?

Ans. Hidely Bitcoin Wallet is the best wallet for anonymity; we do not collect IP details or verify your email.

Are Bitcoin Wallets Free?

Ans. A Hidely Bitcoin wallet is free except for the Bitcoin transaction fee.

Is Hidely Bitcoin untraceable?

Ans. We are Giving you multi-layer security and privacy so no one can trace your bitcoins on Hidely Bitcoin Wallet System.

How To Hide Your Bitcoins?

Ans. The best answer is to use Hidely Bitcoin Wallet to hide your bitcoins from hackers and government agencies.